keeble consulting utilises analytical data and processes to support clients in the effective procurement and modification of aircraft. This ensures that the aircraft will meet the required capability and will be able to be operated safely.


keeble consulting was founded by Mark Keeble in 2014 with its first contract in the UK Defence market, supporting the certification and flight test of a UK Ministry of Defence special mission aircraft. Mark is an accomplished Test Pilot and Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of aviation experience in over 40 types of aircraft, ranging from large passenger aircraft, to business jets and high-performance fighter aircraft. Prior to establishing keeble consulting, Mark was a Test Pilot in the UK Royal Air Force from 2001 - 2014.


Since then the business has grown with a consulting team that includes multi-disciplined Certification Engineers and Test Pilots. Our capabilities now include end-to-end client support in the procurement of new aircraft and new mission capabilities/enhancements, from Concept to In-Service. We utilise inhouse developed strategies to ensure that clients have the right information so that the procurement can deliver the capabilities required efficiently and safely. The strategies have been developed by Test Pilots, Engineers and the end user together, this ensures that they are operationally focused and can apply a Risk Based Approach where required.


keeble consulting knows what is important when supporting our clients, therefore, we deliver results supported by evidence, for example by analysing safety occurrence data and conducting cultural surveys, that can aid decision making from the grass roots of a business to the board room.